Iben Skau - Actress

Danish showreel - 2022

Featuring: Iben Skau

English Monologue

Role: Shirley Valentine

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Iben Skau - Voice

I am a female speaker and can be booked for all kinds of voice projects.
Contact me HERE or call me at +45 28741188 and let´s  have a chat about what your project is about and maybe find a good time to meet.
I`m available all weekdays, with prior arrangement.

I`m a trained actress and I can easily work myself into the role, whatever it may offer me.If, however, you have any doubts, as to whether my voice fits this project, I offer you a free speaksample for you.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards Iben Skau-Olsen

Commercial spot: Discovery DPLAY

Voice over: Bedre nætter spot

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